About us

Portage Fintech Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq:PFTAU) is a newly organized blank check company sponsored by an affiliate of Sagard, a multi-strategy alternative asset manager.

As a part of Sagard’s vast venture and financial technology ("fintech") ecosystem, we draw from the deep experience and network of Portage Ventures, a global fintech-focused venture platform that invests in the world’s most innovative financial technology companies from early-stage, to growth and beyond.

With $260M of cash in trust, we are seeking to partner with leading fintech or financial services businesses and leverage our collective expertise, ecosystem and capabilities to drive value creation for our partners and shareholders.

Our Value Proposition

Through our experienced team and financial services ecosystem, our platform is able to provide a differentiated value proposition to our partners.

Sector Expertise

  • Decades of experience as financial services entrepreneurs and operators
  • Track record of investing in fintech leaders
  • Our team includes current board members from Mastercard, Credit Suisse, Paysafe, SoFi and former CEOs from AIG, Ceridian, E*Trade among others

Deal Certainty

  • Relevant de-SPAC experience (SoFi and Paysafe)
  • Strong relationships with leading PIPE investors
  • Leadership has led $55B+ of fintech and financial services transactions

Ecosystem Opportunities

  • Global financial services ecosystem of affiliated entities combined with 80+ corporate and institutional LPs
  • 45+ long-term partnerships formed between the limited partners and businesses1

Value Creation Capabilities

  • Helped create $4.6B in enterprise value across core investments2
  • Enabled by dedicated 12-member value creation team with expertise in growth, sales, data, cybersecurity, and leadership

Our ecosystem

Our sponsor is affiliated with Portage, a leading fintech venture firm with $2.8B of AUM that is part of Sagard, an $7.6B alternative asset manager3

43 Fintech investments across North America and Western Europe

120+ Professionals, 80+ corporate and institutional LPs

Board of Directors, Management and Advisors

Press Releases and News

SEC Filings

All filings for Portage Fintech Acquisition Corp. available via EDGAR

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  1. As of March 31, 2021.
  2. Calculated as the increase in enterprise value in a certain illustrative subset of Sagard's core holdings since the date of first investment including Wealthsimple, Dialogue, Albert, Clark, Hellas Direct, Integrate AI, Borrowell, KOHO, Synctera, Alpaca, and Peak Achievement Athletics as of March 31, 2021. It does not reflect the aggregate value created by the platform.
  3. Assets Under Management ("AUM") for Sagard Holdings is the sum of:
    • net asset value of private equity, venture capital, private credit and healthcare royalty funds, including uncalled capital commitments of those funds and unused leverage,
    • fair value of assets held in co-investment vehicles managed by Sagard and uncalled capital commitments of those co-investment vehicles, AUM of other managers controlled by Sagard, and
    • fair value of all other assets managed by Sagard that are not otherwise included in the clauses above.

Our definition of AUM is not based on any definition contained in our fund management agreements. Furthermore, our calculation may differ from the manner in which the SEC defines “Regulatory Assets Under Management” on Form ADV and from the AUM definition used by other asset managers.

Past Performance Disclaimer

Statements contained in this Presentation relate to the historical experience of our sponsor and its affiliates and the executive officers and directors of Portage Fintech and its affiliates. An investment in Portage Fintech is not an investment in any of our sponsor’s or its affiliates’, executive officers’, directors’ or affiliates’ past investments or companies or funds affiliated with them. The historical results of these persons, investments, companies, funds or affiliates is not necessarily indicative of future performance of Portage Fintech. The information set forth herein is based upon information reasonably available to Portage Fintech as of the date of these materials, and Portage Fintech does not undertake any obligation to update such information at any time after such date. Portage Fintech is not sponsored or advised by any regulated entity, including any Sagard affiliated investment adviser or similar entity.